QV Strategic Support offers its knowledge and expertise in securing (public) funding for biomedical research and business. The extensive track record in writing successful proposals to secure Grants or Credit for innovative R&D is particularly strong in writing applications for:

  • WBSO (Dutch tax incentive for R&D), especially for CRO-activities (fully no-cure, no-pay)
  • Innovation Credit (Dutch credit for R&D, ‘Innovatiekrediet’) – 100% success rate, thus far
  • Eurostars (>50% success rate)
  • European Framework Program (>25% success rate in Horizon2020)
  • Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI), especially writing successful stage 1 proposals (>75% success rate)
    (stage 2 is not competitive and often covered by EFPIA members)

QV Strategic Support services:

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