quido valent QV Strategic Support owner Quido Valent (Ph.D) is your point of contact. Quido has over 25 years of experience in Life Sciences as basic scientist and consultant for mainly pharma and biotech companies, but also universities. Check Quido’s LinkedIn profile for more details on his background.

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QV Strategic Support
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9418 TB Wijster
The Netherlands

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Statement on PrivacyQV Strategic Support is not collecting any personal data with this website. Nor is the company collecting any personal data for other purposes than providing its services. Contact details are provided by the (potential) clients to enable negotiations and services. For some services (e.g. drafting grant applications), CV information on individuals involved (e.g. in the grant application) are required. Such data is only used for the intended purpose (e.g. as part of the proposal drafted) and not e.g. stored in a database or shared with third parties (apart from proposal submission for review at the request of the client).

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